Patient Survey: December 2023

Patient survey – December 2023
1. How easy did you find it to get through to this GP practice by phone?
2. Did you find the receptionists at this GP practice helpful?
3. Were you satisfied with the general practice appointment times available?
4. Were you satisfied with the appointment you were offered?
5. If making a same day or emergency appointment, how satisfied were you with this service?
6. Have you used our online consultation service (called PATCHS)?
7. If you have used PATCHS, how would you rate the value of having this as an additional way of contacting the practice?
8. Do you usually get to see, speak to or communicate with your preferred GP either in person, on the telephone, SMS messaging or via online services (PATCHS)?
9. Were you offered a choice of appointments the last time you tried to make a general practice appointment? (Tick all that apply)
10. Describe you overall experience of making an appointment at the practice?
11. Do you feel that your needs were met during their last appointment at the practice?
12. Do you have confidence and trust in the healthcare professional you saw or spoke to?
13. Please describe your overall experience of this GP practice.